SciLifeLab infrastructure essential for Countagen to develop a same-day analysis kit for gene editing

The Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technique (short for ‘clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats’) represents a revolutionary advancement in genetic engineering, profoundly reshaping scientific research across various disciplines of biology and medicine.

To delve into the transformative potential of this tool in research and development, we had the privilege of inviting Bernhard Schmierer, head of the CRISPR Functional Genomics Unit at SciLifeLab and Felix Neumann, CEO of Countagen – a startup company and spin-out from Karolinska Institutet , to hear how they work with this technology. During this week’s KI Science Park Science After Work event, they shared their story, highlighting how Countagen achieved a breakthrough in PCR-free gene editing analysis with invaluable support from SciLifeLab’s CRISPR Functional Genomics Unit.

Did you missed the event? Then, you can read about the collaboration presented as an industry case by SciLifeLab  here.

About Countagen
Countagen is a startup biotech company that build CRISPR analysis tools for researchers addressing bottlenecks in the genome engineering workflow, ensuring swift and reliable quantification of gene editing efficiency.

About CRISPR Functional Genomics Infrastructute Unit at SciLifeLab
CRISPR Functional Genomics provide affordable precision gene-editing and massively parallel functional genomic screens using various CRISPR-systems.

About Science After Work
Science After Work is a monthly event for the KI Science Park members. Focus is on knowledge sharing and networking between business and science. You will enjoy a presentation by our guest speaker/s and expand your network over drinks and snacks. The presentation is always held in English. 🌍

Science After Work is arranged in collaboration between KI Science Park AB and A Working Lab.