New phase for KI Science Park community

At the same time as the restrictions in the wake of the pandemic are easing, KI Science Park is entering a new phase and activating the KI Science Park community.

Finally, the presence on Campus Solna is increasing again and for us it means, among other things, that it is high time to activate the KI Science Park community. The community is here to create the best possible conditions for the development of innovative ideas and companies in the Life Science sector. We do this, among other things, through knowledge collaborations, exchanges of experience, events, membership letters and by providing contexts and ecosystems.

Today, about 80 Life Science companies have an address on Campus Solna and the number is steadily increasing! All companies in the area, regardless of whether you have AWL / Akademiska Hus or KI as a landlord, are welcome as members! Become part of a growing Life Science community, contact community manager Sara Gunnerås today to find out more about what we offer.