Inauguration of AWL Flemingsberg

Last week, KI Science Park had the pleasure of participating at the inauguration of AWL Flemingsberg. The opening ended with Flemingsberg Science, AWL and KI Science Park tying ties – a symbol of collaboration between the campus areas which is further strengthened through the A Working Lab environment. This initiative goes hand in hand with KI’s strategy to develop Campus Solna and Flemingsberg to attractive arenas also for life science companies. This co-working space has many values, e.g.
✅ Flexible: Innovators and entrepreneurs are offered a simple way to access office and labs, with short and flexible contacts, to get started and test their idea.
✅ Inclusive: Welcoming companies that want to tap in to Stockholm’s life science cluster in an easy way. A key to continue developing this leading ecosystem.
✅ Sustainable: In terms of efficiently sharing resources and knowledge.
If you want to know more about AWL Flemingsberg, contact A Working LabStiftelsen Flemingsberg Science or KI Science Park.