October 3, 2023 | Sara Gunnerås, COO KI Science Park

Service fee structure 2024

As we now enter the last quarter of 2023, we have reflected on what an exciting year we have behind us! KI Science Park ”levelled up”  and with A Working Lab as our main event partner we have been able to offer a broad range of activities and opportunities to meet. We will continue to develop our offer and look forward to even more interactions person to person, business to business and between business and academia. 

Our community is continuously growing, and new companies move in almost on a weekly basis. In the coming years Akademiska Hus will open up Fysiologen and CMB for new tenants, which will add further critical mass to the area. Interest in our innovation ecosystem is on an all-time high and we host several international delegations every month. An exciting example was the EU summit this summer.

In 2023 all Life Science companies on Campus Solna and in the local area have been welcomed as members in KI Science Park free of charge. As of 2024, as previously announced, we will charge a service fee. Corporate membership* is required to gain free access to our activities for member employees. The service fee also entitles members to use “Member of KI Science Park” in their external communication, the possibility of co-branding events, etc. The fee is required to ensure sustained operations of KI Science Park.

That said, we are happy to share the good news that our main partner Akademiska Hus will subsidize the fee by 20% for all member companies that are also tenants of Akademiska Hus.

The fee structure

There are three fee levels depending on company size. The highest level, partner level, comes with additional benefits, e.g. more visibility (acknowledgement and logo on the KI Science Park’s website, roll-ups, slide-decks) participation in the program committee to discuss future speakers, topics etc. The fee is paid annually and is calculated based on the “Price Base Amount” (PBA, “prisbasbelopp”, governmental index amount based on the consumer price index) in the preceding year. All companies have the opportunity to switch up to the partner level.

Service levels and fee per year (excl. VAT)

Level% of Price Base AmountFee (SEK)Subsidized fee, 20% (SEK)
Micro (0-10 employees)20% 10 5008 400
Small (11-50 employees)60%21 00016 800
Partner (50+ employees)80%42 00033 600

*Membership in KI Science Park is free of charge for AWL-companies (as per our Service Agreement with Akademiska Hus).

For questions and more information about membership and fees, contact: sara.gunneras@kisciencepark.se