Welcome to join the KI Science Park Community!


The location on Campus Solna offers a dynamic environment for Life Science companies, from start-ups and growth companies to global players.

Welcome to join KI Science Park’s business community and tap in to a premiere ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, business coaches, investors, researchers, CXOs, employees, students and more, all with a passion for live science and health. 

Membership is for organisations only. There are three ways to connect: as a member, avaliable for companies located on campus, or join our community as supporter or ecosystem friend.

Is you are a member of A Working Lab (AWL) at Campus Solna or Campus Flemingsberg, then you may activate your KI Science Park membership free of charge via this link: Activate KI Science Park membership for companies with active AWL service agreement.

Karolinska Institutet Science Park® is a registered trademark.

Member benefits

    Be part of the growing life science community on Campus Solna next to Karolinska Institutet and be invited to member activities such as events, networks, projects, and workshops.
    Book an introduction of Karolinska Institutet Science Park and Karolinska Institutet’s innovation system, to open channels for business and collaboration with academia and the public sector.
    Participate in ecosystem and community development activities such as workshops and roundtable discussions.
    Our newsletter keep you updated on news from the park, include invitations and tips on activities from us and our supporters, partners, etc
    Get visibility on Karolinska Institutet Science Park’s website with a link to your own company website. Your company will get promoted via Karolinska Institutet Science Park’s presentations, website, social channels, newsletter, at meetings, for investors and more.
    Use Karolinska Institutet Science Park’s logo on your own website and presentations to show you are connected to the life science community on campus.
    Include Karolinska Institutet Science Park in you company’s adress to show the connection to life science community on campus.

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