KI Science Park DAY 2022

August 25. BioClinicum, Sune Bergström aula, Solnavägen 30, Solna


Welcome to a day about innovations, growth and collaboration in life science and health. Listen to inspiring talks by leaders of small and large companies located at Campus Solna. Learn about how the Stockholm Life Tech project is changing the way regional actors work together to facilitate collaboration between research infrastructures and companies/small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). And how the Stockholm Life Tech project is bringing Campus Flemingsberg and Campus Solna even closer together, strengthening the Stockholm Life science cluster even more.


08:30 Coffee & Networking

09:00 Welcome!

Hans Möller, Chairman of the Board, KI Science Park
Sara Gunnerås, COO, KI Science Park

Moderator: Filippa Kull, Business Development Director, Stockholm Science City 

09:15 Reaching top 5! Update on the Regional Life Science Strategy

Stockholm aims at becoming one of the world’s top life science regions. To support this goal a regional Life Science strategy was launched about a year ago. During this session we will get an up-date on how it is going. And how does the strategy support innovation and innovative companies to start and grow in this region.

Ole Petter Ottersen, President, Karolinska Institutet
Irene Svenonius, Regional Chair for Finance, Region Stockholm
Amelie Tarschys Ingre, Chairwoman of Innovation and Development Committee, Region Stockholm

09:45 The Power of the Ecosystem – Local Action, Global Impact

During this session we focus on global companies deeply committed to the local ecosystem. You will hear Per Ragneborn from Waters Corporation and Mark Parry-Billings from Chiesi Nordic / Chiesi Group tell their stories, sharing good examples and their next steps, but also how this local commitment brings value to their organizations.

Per Ragneborn, Nordic Sales Manager, Waters Instrument
Mark Parry-Billings, Head of Corporate Drug Development, Chiesi Global R&D

10:15 Coffee & Networking

10:45 Scaling a deep tech company

During this session we get the start- ups, scale ups and investor perspective of scaling a deep tech company. Key leaders share their perspectives of the challenge of bringing science-based technologies to the market.

Michael Dabrowski, CEO, Pelago Bioscience
Fredrik Wetterhall, CEO & Co-founder, Stratipath
Karl Bergman, CEO, Elypta
Linda Spahiu, Investment Manager, Karolinska Development

11:40 PANEL: How to Boost the Ecosystem?

How do we develop this thriving life science ecosystem to the next level? Invited key leaders will discuss this topic and present their role, tools and how collaborative efforts support the road to a world leading life science region.

Clara Hellner, Director of Research & Innovation, Region Stockholm
Lilian Wikström, CEO, KI Holding
Richard Cowburn, Head External Engagement Office, Karolinska Institutet
Caroline Arehult, CEO, Akademiska Hus

12:15 Lunch & Networking

During the afternoon we focus on Stockholm Life Tech – a project initiated to make regional research and innovation infrastructures available for small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs). With the aim to accelerate sustainable growth of SMEs in the region of Stockholm

13:15 New Tools for SME Growth – The Stockholm Life Tech way

During this session we present a case on how we develop new tools and ways for collaboration between research facilities and SMEs. Pilot case: ANA Futura and Vecura.

Johnny Högberg, CEO, Flemingsberg Science
Lars Frelin, Associate Professor, Facility Manager ANA Futura, Karolinska Institutet
Kristina Kannisto, Single Entry Point and Regulatory Support at Karolinska Centrum for Cell Therapy (KCC), Karolinska University Hospital
Theodor Pramer, CEO Biomedrex
Peter Löwenhielm, Business Coach, KI Innovation.

14:00 Innovation & Sustainability – Collaboration a Key for Success

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is an important tool for regional development and attractiveness. During this session we gain knowledge and inspiration from three organizations about how SDG 9 adds value to their customers and their own organization.

SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Pontus Blomberg, Head of Unit for KCC and GMP production unit Vecura, Karolinska University Hospital
Åsa Johansson, Head of concept, A Working Lab
Mathias Ekman, Director Digital Health Platforms & Partner Ecosystems, Microsoft

15:00-17:00 OPEN HOUSE @ CAMPUS SOLNA with Barbecue & Beer

Join us for a walk over the bridge to Campus Solna to visit and learn more about: Innomedicum, A Working Lab, SciLifeLab, Retzius Laboratory. Final stop at Innomedicum fo barbeque, beer and fun!


Stockholm Life Tech
Making research and innovation infrastructures available for SMEs

Region Stockholm Innovation
Strengthening the innovation capacity and driving innovation in Region Stockholm.

Careers in health and science exposition.

Reliable and professional platforms for Life Science development. 

Let’s Talk Intellectual Property!

Master’s Programme in Bioentrepreneurship
A program that combines management theory with practical placement within the life science industry. 

Providing technologies and expertise that enable life science research in Sweden otherwise not possible.


A Working Lab
Coworking and Creative Spaces at the Heart of University Campus.

Akademiska Hus
Together we boost Sweden as a nation of knowledge.

Karolinska Institutet Career Service as a function of the External Engagement Office

Life science and engineering & IT consultant & recruitment services.

ANA Futura Pre-GMP
Process development from research to production.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)
Custom oligonucleotides for molecular biology applications.

A state of the art research hub integrating clinical research and education

KI Innovations
Innovation for a healthier future!

KI Science Park
A Life Science Park where companies start, grow, meet & collaborate. 

PiPPi Community of Practice
A platform for joint innovation in healthcare.

Karolinska Trial Alliance
Supporting and strengthening high quality clinical research

Potter Clarkson
Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm.

Karolinska University Hospital Center for Innovation

Accelerating sustainable Innovation while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Karolinska Cell therapy Center (KCC)
Infrastructure for development and manufacture of innovative cell and gene therapies.




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