KI Science Park DAY 2023

15 NOVEMBER | Eva & Georg Klein | Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9


Showcasing the power of working together

KI Science Park DAY 2023

KI Science Park DAY 2023 was an inspiring day built around community, sharing, learning, and evolving. This day left us full of new knowledge and contacts and the feeling of anything is possible if we make use of the network that we have and create together.

We are immensely proud that we were entrusted to host the award lecture by this year’s winner of the Karolinska Institutet’s award for innovation and utilization. The story told by Johan Hartman och Mattias Rantalainen is such an elegant example on what working together can result in. They were rewarded for improving cancer diagnostics with innovative research and inspiring working methods.

Here yo can se the program & exhibitors.

Below you will find a selection of pictures from the day.



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About KI Science Park DAY

KI Science Park DAY is organized by Karolinska Institutet Science Park AB. The purpose of the event is to be an arena for the Life Science sector, where business and science meet – to connect and inspire.